Debra Dobbs was one of the first agents in Chicago to become a certified Buyer’s agent, and has represented over 500 buyers, from first time buyers to those in the multi million dollar price range.

Buying a home can be complicated, intimidating and exciting. One mistake could cost you thousands, or worse, land you in the wrong home! Make sure your best interests are protected, by working with a buyer’s agent that puts your needs first.

Not convinced? We don’t blame you. In the age of the internet, it seems pretty easy to navigate the process on your own. However, that’s not necessarily the case, especially with so many neighborhoods and nuances in the Chicago real estate market.

Here are 5 great reasons why you should always work with a buying agent when purchasing your Chicago home:

1. You get professional guidance and advice, for free.

Did you know that working with a buyer’s agent is completely free? This is something that comes as a big surprise, especially with first time home buyers. It’s actually the seller who pays the buyer’s agent’s commission, not the buyer! That professional guidance won’t cost you a dime.

2. It saves time
Coordinating showings, hours of market research, and neighborhood scouting can be a full time job in itself when you’re house hunting. By letting an agent take these tasks off your hands, it saves a significant amount of the buyer’s time, and even better, cuts the buyer’s stress levels dramatically.

3. Market expertise and insider knowledge
No matter how much time you spend on google, your market knowledge won’t compare to that of a buyer’s agent, who lives and breathes the Chicago real estate market, and has access to insider information and Comparable Market Analysis (CMA). This expertise is key to finding your perfect home, at the perfect price.

4. A built in network
It takes a village to buy a house: home inspectors, lenders, surveyors, legal help, the list goes on. Without an agent, you’ll have to find these people from scratch, but your buyer’s agent will have them on speed dial. She knows the best in the business, and will ensure everyone on your team has your best interest in mind.

5. Negotiation
Buying a home is one of the largest purchases you’ll make in a lifetime. Don’t go through the process without a professional negotiator, who has a deep understanding of the process, disclosures, and contractual knowledge. When buyers run into trouble, it’s often due to issues like fraud, and failure to disclose, which can be avoided by working with an agent who knows what she’s doing, and ensures your interests as a buyer are protected.

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I hope my website conveys the passion, dedication and expertise I have for Chicago and real estate. Visit to explore Chicago’s culturally rich neighborhoods and to share in my many resources about buying or selling Chicago real estate.
Please call me to discuss how I can help you navigate the Chicago real estate market. I am happy to share my knowledge and expertise and answer any questions you may have about the process to buy, sell, rent or invest in Chicago real estate.
If you would like to chat via email please send a confidential note. I am happy to answer any questions you may have about the Chicago real estate market and the process to buy, sell, rent or invest in real estate.
Thinking of buying or selling a house or condo in Lincoln Park? A 30 year real estate veteran and member of the top 1% of realtors in Chicago, I have lived in the heart of Lincoln Park since early 2000.
Make sure your best interests are protected, by working with a Chicago buyer’s agent that puts your needs first.
The top Chicago realtors have a grasp of both big-picture economics and an intimate knowledge of Chicago’s neighborhoods and market nuances.
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Debra Dobbs is considered one of the best realtors in Chicago!
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More Information

More Information
Business Address – Debra Dobbs
548 W Webster Ave, Chicago, IL 60614
“The first thing to say about Debra is that, when we finally made an offer on our house, the sellers did exactly what Debra predicted they would do. Debra laid out a multistep plan, plotting out what she thought the sellers would do at each juncture in the negotiating process, and how we should respond. Then we put in our bid, and the process unfolded precisely as Debra had predicted. She’d been in the business for long enough, and understands people and the market well enough, that there were simply no surprises.”

“As a first time buyer, I was completely overwhelmed with the idea of purchasing my first condo, and to say I needed some “hand holding” would be an understatement. Debra was more than a realtor, she was a partner, and helped me navigate the process easily and with amazing guidance. She was very realistic about my budget, worked hard to negotiate on my behalf, and actually made the process enjoyable. I truly would not have this condo without her!”
Whether you’re a first-time home buyer; an empty nester, or looking to upgrade from your current home, Debra can help give you peace of mind throughout the buying process!
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